The dispersion factor

COVID-19 updates for Thursday, October 1

  1. Transmission patterns: "this is an overdispersed pathogen, meaning that it tends to spread in clusters"

    This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic

  2. "A point-of-care test that was inexpensive enough to use frequently would have a high sensitivity for detecting infections in time to act"

    Rethinking Covid-19 Test Sensitivity — A Strategy for Containment

  3. Analysis of Trump's role in spreading misinformation

    Study Finds ‘Single Largest Driver’ of Coronavirus Misinformation: Trump

  4. Low relative risk of fomite transmission

    Low risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission by fomites in real-life conditions

  5. Research into the D614G mutation suggests it may have advantages in transmission

    SARS-CoV-2 D614G Variant Exhibits Enhanced Replication ex vivo and Earlier Transmission in vivo