The 'John Snow Memo' from health professionals

COVID-19 updates for Thursday, October 15

  1. 'The John Snow Memo', advocating for suppressing the Coronavirus

    John Snow Memorandum

  2. 'Nature' endorsement of Biden is focused on Covid management

    Why Nature supports Joe Biden for US president

  3. Criticism of the 'herd immunity' strategy

    Trump wants to try for herd immunity. Without a vaccine, it could kill millions

  4. Outbreak in an exercise studio that attempted mitigation measures

    One client in one spin studio that followed all the rules triggers a coronavirus outbreak with at least 61 cases

  5. Comparing excess mortality in various countries during the early months of the pandemic

    Magnitude, demographics and dynamics of the effect of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on all-cause mortality in 21 industrialized countries